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by Savannah Overy
  • Blue Emaciated Supermodel Sculpture
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Over the last few months I have extended my range and now produce a larger collection of silver jewellery. I texture the silver with my own designs which result in highly indiviudalised and varied pieces. These are sometimes further enhanced with enamelled detail. I find the combination of metal with the surface quality very inspiring, with new shapes and designs developing all the time.

Now that the jewellery range has expanded there is something available for everyone; from the most colourful enamel jewellery to the more monchromatic silver pieces.  Still a strong component of the work is "emaciated supermodel" series which focuses on society's obsession with the perfect body image.  Also the little wicked imps still feature strongly as enamel brooches.  What's more, I'm also putting them in print.  Their brightly coloured faces now glare back at you on coloured  T-shirts and vests.  They have proved to be very popular with the daring and young at heart.  


New on the scene are collagraph prints which I have been exploring and have been delighted with the outcome.  Look out for more of these in the future as I have been completely captured by this medium and can't wait to be able to get back to the print room to play.



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About Me

I studied at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, Canada. It was there that I discovered enamelling - the application of fusing glass to metal - and began my study under Fay Rooke. Inspired by the play of colour, light and shadow there was an immediate recognition that enamelling was the perfect vehicle for my creative expression. During this time I was fortunate to be able to take part in a large scale enamel workshop at Kent University, Ohio, USA.
This workshop was a pivotal point in my studies as it was there that I first experienced enamelling on a large scale and I found the possibilites this opened up to be very exciting.
While in Canada I was a member of the Canadian Enamellist Society, The Ontario Crafts Council and Visual Art Ontario.

In 2002 I moved back to the UK and settled in St. Ives, Cornwall at the beginning of 2003. From my studio in town I continue my exploration of stretching the boundaries of enamelling as art.

Enamelling to me is a joyful celebration of colour which provides a light hearted and playful quality to my work. The play of light and shadow within the enamel, the light reflecting through the glass and back off the metal, as well as the play of shadow within the negative spaces intrigues me.

I enjoy the merging of East and West in the pieces I produce. Much of my inspiration comes from India. Through the study of Indian myth and design I have found that the intricacy of their art, textiles and architecture form a background for my creations. The use of colour and the love of positive and negative space, the vibrancy and immediacy I think of as the East is reflected in my work.

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wicked imp designs studio

c/o St. Ives Ceramics
1 Fish Street
St. Ives, Cornwall
TR26 1LT

tel: 01736 794 930
07812 245 1571

email: or
Web: Wicked Imp Design '

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